11 reasons why You should visit Benidorm

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Visiting Benidorm

Very excited about your next vacation but cannot decide where to go? If you have not visited Spain earlier, travel experts would recommend you to go there. Spain, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With its amazing architecture and breath taking weather, you are guaranteed to enjoy every minute you spend there. Spain has some very kind hearted and soft spoken people so settling in won’t be an issue. Out of the many cities, you should choose to visit Benidorm. It is one of the best places to go to especially if you are travelling alone or spending quality time with a loved one.

Here are 11 reasons why someone would want to visit a city like Benidorm.

  1. The beautiful Spanish sunshine. This is especially for people who come from areas like Britain and have limited access to the sunshine all year around. They enjoy this micro climate with temperature as high as 38 degrees sometimes. Being protected by a mountain range means the sunshine all year
  2. Best place to spend family time. People usually look forward to vacations because it helps you spend the much-needed family time you wait for all year along. This Spanish resort is great for families with a number of attractions like water parks and hotels which are made for families and helps you accommodate small children easily.
  3. A different kind of nightlife. Known for it’s vibrant and colourful nightlife the best part about it is that there are no age limits.Benidorm has been entertaining holidaymakers because of its nightlife for a number of years. The energetic streets are known to help enjoy every kind of person there.
  4. Traditional Spanish cuisine. Spanish kitchens are known for serving fresh seafood and paella. For those who do not like the Spanish cuisine, they will also find plenty of English dishes around.
  5. Famous buildings. Benidorm has some famous skyscrapers summing up to 300, like New York, which means it has the highest rise building per population in the world.
  6. Some of the most popular beaches. If you want to spend your vacation on one of the best beaches, then you most certainly have made the correct choice. This resort offers one of the finest coastlines in Costa Blanca
  7. Old buildings. It has some old heritage which is certainly a must visit. The country has also applied for UNESCO world heritage recognition.
  8. Amazing hotels. Spanish resorts have some beautiful accommodations with their own gardens and spas. However, if you are visiting with your children, you might want to stay in a different hotel more suited for kids of which there are many at great prices! If you are looking for cheap holidays to Spain then Benidorm really is the king of the budget deals!
  9. Old sites. There are a number of cultural spots like Saint James churches which have a beautiful blue domed roof. Also, there is an amazing castle viewpoint to look out at the Mediterranean Sea.
  10. Fireworks and fancy dresses. Benidorm fiestas know how to amaze their crowds. There are some celebrations taking place every night from the British fancy dress to the electro beach festival.
  11. One of its own old towns. With beautiful cobbled streets and white washed houses, this old town is very different from the Benidorm you know.

Benidorm is a place that should be on your travel list! Book your flight, plan your vacations, Pack your bags and get ready to have fun because this place will never leave you disappointed.

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